Sell Old/ Used Mobile Online: FAQs

How can I sell old or used mobile phone at mobinian.com?

You can sell your used mobile phone to us and we promise a guaranteed price. You can sell your used mobile in few simple steps:

  1. Select the brand and model, and specify mobile’s condition and get the guaranteed price of the mobile.
  2. Enter the contact detail. Our representative will come at this address, examine the mobile and take it from you.
  3. Price will entertain in cash after verifying the mobile by our representative.

Some frequently asked questions and answers are posted here for the seller support;

My mobile phone doesn’t switch on, can I still sell it?


My mobile phone screen is broken/ cracked, can I still sell it!?


Do I need to give original accessories/ mobile box?


What is guaranteed sale or guaranteed price?

Depending upon your mobile’s model and condition, we will give you the best price!

Are there any other details I need to give?

You need to enter the IMEI of the old mobile phone you want to sell. To find the IMEI number, dial *#06# on the phone that you want to sell. IMEI number can also generally be found under the battery on the body of the mobile phone.

I have two IMEI numbers on my phone, which one I give? Or I have to give both of them?

Enter both IMEI numbers

Do I need to send the old mobile phone to mobinian.com?

No. Our courier will come at your address, verifies the mobile’s conditions that you have mentioned, inspect the IMEI number and take   the old mobile phone from you.

What should I do before handing over the Used mobile phone to mobinian representative?

  1. Delete all the your individual data / do a factory reset. We won’t be able to deal any request for data recovery/ removal once the mobile has been handed over for selling.
  2. Unlock the mobile

What will happen if the mobile model/ conditions/ IMEI don’t match at time of verification by mobinian representative?

The deal  will get cancelled. The representative will not collect the mobile.

Can I get my old used mobile back after handing over to mobinian representative?


Selling old/ used mobile phones online is now easy

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