What is Mobinian?

What is Mobinian.com?

Mobinian.com is an online service connecting mobile phones buyers and sellers across UAE.

How does it help sellers?

It helps people willing to sell their phones with instant cash or offers very attractive exchange phone options across a variety of available mobile phones. We can pick up phones from any place in UAE, get it checked by our engineers to make sure the mobile phone is fully functional or in a working condition.

How does it help buyers?

There are plenty of used mobile phone options ranging from iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7S and other Apple popular phones. Buyers are a few clicks away from buying and getting their desired phone in hands within a day or two as Mobinian.com offers a very convenient home delivery service across UAE.

Our Services:

As mentioned above, we offer to buy and sell all leading mobile phones. At the moment, we have started with leading Apple mobile phones but we have a plan to soon open other brands like Samsung, LG, Nexus etc. We have an exchange offer which allows our customer to sell their phone at a good price and buy another one from our catalog by paying the difference.